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In Other News...

Review- The Grimdark Series


A lovely review here from W Lance Hunt, of my collaboration with the genius of darkness that is Andy Peloquin.


Check out all books in the series at Audible, beginning with Child of the Night Guild...


In honour of Paranormal Romance Audiobooks - Aroooo!'s Audio Book Fair beginning next Monday, and running from the 1-5th April, I've recorded an excerpt of Rosemary A Johns' Vampire Princess- the second in her Rebel Angel series, and currently in production. Book 1, Vampire Huntress, is already available- check it out here:

Join Paranormal Romance Audiobooks - Aroooo! for more exclusive readings, book launches, and a fabulous competition!  



The Season 1 finale of Artyficial Dreams' podcast. This episode talks to a panel of experts on imposter syndrome, and the arts as a profession. And even as I type this, I almost write 'experts' in inverted commas- further proof that imposter syndrome is something I know all about...


Episode 5 of the Artyficial Dreams podcast, in which I talk to Johanna and Gina about all things audio book.


A lovely chat with 'Shadowed Promise' author Sunanda Chatterjee. This sweet audio book is now available on Audible, Amazon and ITunes.


I talk to 'Forgotten Places' Author Johanna Craven about audio books, Australia, and the benefits of working from home.


An interview with Andy Peloquin, writer of the Queen of Thieves Trilogy. Book 1, Child of .the Night Guild, is now available as an audio book on Amazon, I Tunes and Audible

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